Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sometimes everything falls into place when you least expect it.
Just the grin you were looking for.
Just the mind to match yours.
Just the hand that fit yours perfectly.
Just the arms to hold you and make everything else go away.
Just the sharp wit and humor that you needed.
Just the right height for you to slide your arms around.
Just the tummy size to pat and cuddle with.
Just the person you needed most when you were lost.

Thanks, Tobie. I've never been this happy.


tobie said...

Isha, I love you.

Shiro said...


take care of each other.


Elias Lakandula said...

:) ;)

Tobs don't be mushy here, hehehehe :P

Kevin! said...

I'd offer much congratulations if I weren't so envious! haha