Sunday, May 02, 2004

The Things I have Learned In The Past 36 Hours

1. My Ex's ex is insane. She just sent me an insult via friendster. Okay. Hmm. *blinks. She called me sad and pathetic. Strange, I have never even seen her or spoken to her or texted her. Something out of the blue, eh? Okay.
2. Oatmeal isn’t any good if microwaved. Boil the water first.
3. Romance novels are fun, but not if you read eight in a row. I now have a major migraine.
4. Exercise isn’t really good for you at first. Just like steak and lasagna, your arteries have to get used to it. And you’ll hurt like hell.
5. The Emergency Room is in a weird time zone. Time goes really slow but at the same time everything happens so fast that if you blink you’ll miss whole hours.
6. I hate blood. I really HATE blood.
7. I will never eat at AA’s Barbecue place again.
8. The only thing faster than lightning is gossip. Yeah baby.
9. I love my friends. I never see them but they’re there when I need them.
10. I don’t care if I have to avoid rocky forever. I run into her in the weirdest places but I realized, 14 years or no, I don’t exist to cater to her every whim. No matter what she might think. She will never be happy as long as I am, and I am happy with my life.
11. Cebu is soooo small. It’s like a hub for friendster people. Everyone is a family friend or a relative. And there are no cute guys.
12. Wealth and happiness are almost inversely related. The more money you have the worse your life gets. Unless you’re bill gates.
13. The so called Chinese elite of Cebu are mostly bigots. I didn’t know to what extent, until last night at an ultimate chinese party. Ugh. So many chinky eyes. It’s a wonder that they don’t walk into stuff.
14. My brother is an asshole. Wait. Both of them are. Wait. I knew that already.

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