Saturday, July 10, 2004

Lazy Weekends

I am still at the dorm, waiting for my dad to pick me up. I am also Cramming on two projects, the Three Page Plate for stagecraft and the Billboard for Visual Verbal. Goddamn Photoshop. I have been struggling with it for the better part of a day without any fantastic results. I feel like bashing my head in on Alexander (that's the name of my pc) but it's not really his fault, now, is it? =) I have started on the plates, but i can tell, this is going to take time.
Noe is giggling on her bed, reading Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday. Sigh. I would much rather be asleep. It is three pm and I have not BATHED. Do I want to? Nah. Am too Lazy To. And there's a ton of work to be done. Sigh. So what am i doing, typing on my blog?

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