Sunday, July 04, 2004


I was desperate for pizza. I mean, absolutely starving for the stuff. So I asked Noe and MJ (our roomie friend) if they wanted to order and have it delivered. They were fine with it, but we had only one hitch. Well, two hitches actually: We had no landline and we didn't have the number of yellow cab. We tried looking online for it, and ended up at That is a strange website. Go visit it if you can. It was pretty educational for us, though. Like the latex vibrating vaginas. Wow. That was strange. Anyway, we couldn't find the number, so we decided to go there instead. The full moon was yellow tonight. I watched it in fascination from the front seat of the cab that Noe, MJ, Bing and I took to Yellow Cab.
I am now rubbing my fat round tummy.

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