Friday, August 20, 2004

Inside My Head

When I am half-asleep, my head feels like a comic book.
My eyes blink, adjusting to but not comprehending the bright sunlight. I can hear my muscles screaming as I force myself to sit up, ignoring the siren call of my warm pillow. I stagger, drunk with sleep, to the bathroom, my mind zooming in on the images frame by frame-
My hands holding my soap and facial wash.
My hand twisting the doorknob.
The brightly lit doorway.
The sink.
My hand twisting one rusty, leaky faucet.
My hand on the other leaky faucet because the first one didn’t have water pressure.
The soap in my hand.
Closed eyes, still asleep.
Water droplets hitting my face.
Me blinking and gasping under the onslaught of icy water.
Goosebumps on my skin.
Thought bubble. “I want to sleep, Goddamnit.”
Thought bubble,’Must… get… to… class…’
Lathering my face and arms.
Thought bubble. ‘Goddamnit. Geog class is on the fourth floor of Palma-Fucking-Hall.” (pardon the expletive)
My finger poking my eye.
Wincing and cursing and trying to get the soap off fast.
My tearful eyes stinging even more.
A curiously pregnant cat staring at the strange human in the white room who is howling.

I am off to Makati now. I am feeling sooo tired, especially when my teacher said that we had to be here by six tomorrow morning for our field trip to makiling. Rush, Darryl and Junjun, my three dorm and classmates have made plans with me to meet at the molave dormitory lobby by six am. (Every time I hear the words six and am, especially together, I always insert an “in the freaking” in between them in my head. I am not a morning person, no matter how hard my parents have tried to make me one.) I have finally gotten over my sudden attack of the SIMS, thank god. Maybe now I can get some sleep. I have had only a milo today and I have to go to Makati to pick up the cam and the rest of my clean clothes. I particularly miss my blue jag T-Shirt and my gray anime skirt.
I can feel the fat in my arms dragging me downwards. Waaah. 3 days of no sleep and no food and I am getting FATTER. I hope papa wants to eat out for lunch. We ARE meeting at a mall, which is so uncharacteristic of him. Woo hoo. Maybe I have time for a nap. I hope so. I will be posting again tomorrow, hopefully with lots of pictures. Hasta la vista.

I was on the MRT, all girly-girly in a miniskirt and blouse, lugging along a huge black gym bag with all my dirty laundry, and my cell phone and my wallet. A bunch of cute guys got on and so I was in full pa-cute mode. Then my cell rang and I fished around in my bag to answer it. I finally pulled it out and promptly dropped it. Everyone stared as, red-faced, I bent to pick it up and accidentally kicked it with my foot. It went careening down the car. I pulled the shreds of my dignity around me and crawled after it. It was still ringing. Then I picked it up and answered it, ignoring the suppressed grins of the hot guys.
Typical day. Sigh.

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ilse said...

wow, never tried that on an MRT! =)