Sunday, August 22, 2004

Makiling. Ugh.

I hate hiking. I hate it. So much for the great outdoors. If I wanted to climb a mountain in 1 and a half hours just to look at mud, i would have enjoyed yesterday's fieldtrip. but noooo, my teacher in geog required it.
So i woke up at Four (in the f****** morning) and went to Palma hall with my classmates and dormmates Darryl, Rush and Junjun. We had had no breakfast so we stopped over at a gas station for some kfc and brownies and coffee from starbucks.

Cold Ice Mocha. It has the consistency of mud. Made me feel like i was chewing coffee grounds raw. When i got down from the bus at Makiling i was shaking. And when we started our walk up the mountain i was palpitating and my head was spinning. In fairness, that cup of coffee was probably what got me up that mountain. And the five sugar packets i poured in too.
There was no view to speak of. Just a bad road, and trees. And more trees. The air wasn't even fresh, thanks to the idiot who lit up a cigarette and marched next to me. I wanted to kick his ass. But he was a native and was climbing it easily. While i, poor couch potato that i am, couldn't muster the energy to even speak.
Then we waded knee deep through mud and a slippery trail to look at MUD (Freaking) SPRINGS. Woo Hoo. Hot bubbling mud, and more hot bubbling mud. Just great.
Then we had to go BACK down to eat lunch. It actually reminded me of the three million times my parents would drag me to the mountains to "WALK."
Then we hopped back on the bus and i slept the rest of the way home.

I have refrained from posting song lypics, as most other blogggers have already done. But i will be clichs'd, and post the lyrics of my two current favorite songs, for two reasons:
1. Just for the hell of it.
2. Because I CAN.

Back To Good by Matchbox 20
Torete by Moonstar 88


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