Thursday, August 05, 2004

The (Semi-Autobiographical) Story Of A Girl, Part III

Finally, the bear reached the other edge of the forest, where the shore of a lake was located. She collapsed in an exhausted heap and stared at the full moon, tears rolling down her cheeks, making little ripples in the water. Each tear turned into a pearl the moment it hit the floor, until soon, there was a small pile of pearls underwater. But the bear did not notice. Instead, she curled up into a tight little ball and fell asleep.

Voices awakened her. She opened her eyes to see what appeared to be tiny balls of fur surrounding her.
"Is it awake?" One squeaked. She narrowed her eyes to focus. They seemed to be some sort of hairy rat thing.
"Ssshh!" The chocolate brown rat thing hissed. "It might be hostile. Or worse, hungry."
"Hush! It's awake!"" Another one boomed, as best as it could. "HI! WELCOME TO OUR HOME! WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR FOREST?"
She sat up, making sure she didn't squish any of them. "I- I am lost." She admitted. " It all began in my head, you see, and I can't get back anymore." And the girl related the rest of the tale. The rat things had gathered at her feet, listening intently. Finally the oldest of them, a greyish beige creature stepped forward and reached up to pat her toe. "Poor child. You are welcome to join us if you wish to be with us."
She looked at them in confusion. "What exactly are you?"
The smallest one, with a shaved head, puffed out his chest. He had a loud voice. "We are Hamsters. With a Capital Letter H. We are the guardians of the forest and all who dwell in it, including the fat creatures, the ugly creatures, the mighty creatures, the tiny ones, and the medium ones, too. And the trees, and the plants, and the flowers, and the insects, and the squirrels, and the-"
The grey hamster cut him off with a constipated look. "Cease, Adrian." Adrian grinned unabashedly, so the grey one continued. "I am Woolly, oldest of the Hamsters. You know Adrian, Bogey, Jed, Raphael and Alexander. You are welcome to stay with us if that is your wish."He gave her an odd sort of bow.
For the first time in a long period, the girl finally felt safe.

The hamsters soon adopted her as one of them, and taught her everything they knew about survival and life and nature. The bear healed and grew stronger.
One day, Woolly took her aside and said, "You are not a bear. Nor are you a hamster. But you are my daughter. Do you know the purpose of your existence, child?"
She shook her head. He sighed, and clambered up her arm with some difficulty, in order to pat her shoulder.
"My daughter, you must go and find yourself. We have taught you all that we can and are pleased that you are here with us, but your destiny may take you someplace else. You must look for it and discover it, and not even I can help you with that. And if you do not find it, how can you truly see the meaning of your existence?"
She bowed her head sadly. "I understand, da.""
The next day, the hamsters gathered around her to say goodbye.
Adrian stepped forward. "I give you the gift of articulation. May you make yourself heard all the time, and may you find listeners, willing or unwilling.
John added, "And I, the gift of friendship. May you find a friend in the darkest times."
Bogey stepped forward. "I give you the gift of laughter and the ridiculous. MAy you never be too serious to appreciate life."
Jed said," I give you the gift of wisdom. May you know what to do when you need it."
Rafael added," Here is the gift of value. May you know which things are the most important at all times, and may you let nothing distract you."
And finally, Woolly stepped forward and put his tiny paws on her head. "My daughter. " He squeaked loudly. "I give you the gift of peace. May you find peace in your life's journey. And may you be happy."
The five hamsters bowed solemnly to her, and she turned into a bird and flew away.


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