Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Blathering On...

Bits and pieces of last weekend:

Thursday night:
Someplace in taytay with Olive and his boylets, for the despedida of his other boylet.
Ryan: Hey, you guys look alike
Raine: yeah, we're cousins.
Olive: (turning red)

Friday night:
Goloo: (shocked) you're going to finish the whole pizza by yourself?
thirty minutes later...
Goloo: (stunned silence)
Even later:
Shell station, drinking hot milo, staring at the hot guy who just got out of the car next to us.
Oliver: hey, he's hot
Raine: Nice ass!
Oliver: He does NOT have an ass.
Guy: (bends over, unaware that he is giving us a view of his nonexistent ass framed by black briefs)
Much, much later...
We are staring in stunned silence as the car next to us starts bouncing, trying to see through the tint.

Saturday, 9am.
Picked up my cellphone, having been awakened by it's vibration.
Message from Marx:
Chris Misajon did not make it...
Thought in my head: Oh God.
Saturday night:
3/4ths moon (forgot what it's called) walking on the pier behind the Quirino grandstand with my dad and brother on our way to the masseuse. Cold sea air. Brilliant yellow light in the darkness. Have to pee.

Tita Liza's house, discussing plans for vacation:
Tita Liza: We could just go to pagsanjan, three families, this christmas break...
Lemuel: Three Families? Hmm... Us, you guys, and...
Raine: Tito george's family?
Lemuel: (Evil laugh)

After the final exam/presentation of speech 121:
Ma'am Pinzon: Patricia, do you have any plans of taking more speech classes next sem?
Raine: Hell No.
Ma'am Pinzon: What?
Raine: Heck, no.
Ma'am Pinzon: Good, good.

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