Monday, September 20, 2004


I am cracking today. Literally. My skin is breaking apart and falling off. I feel brittle too. Maybe it's the vietnamese food i had yesterday, hahahaha. Or maybe i am just going crazy.
My floormates are haunted. I can feel ghosts and spirits, but they actually caught a poltergeist on videptape. I don't know the sequence, but this is how i understood the story.
I was in Makati last friday when MaJo, and Yanna and some of my roomies and her roomies moved the water dispensers for the floor to right outside my door. MaJo's roomie Merriam *not her real name* was sound asleep and had no idea they had moved the water dispensers. So when they (MaJo, Diane and Glenna) reentered their room, they were quiet for about an hour, when Merriam suddenly sat bolt upright and said, "Why did you move the dispensers? I can't pass." They knew she had no idea that the dispensers had been moved. Then she began to laugh and cry alternately. Then she looked up and around and blinked and said, "This isn't my room." They were pretty annoyed because they thought she was kidding, so MaJo told her to cut it out. And then she said quite clearly, "Shut Up." which was completely out of character. Then they heard a shaking sound. They ran to the doorway to see the water dispensers rocking back and forth ON THEIR OWN. One of them had the foresight to pick up the video cam to tape it.
I am not sure what happened first. I am going to look over the video this morning but i am afraid. And as i write this i can feel a cold spot next to me. Scary. I taught them the Tower Of Light exercises we used at Quests, and we even prayed a bit. I hope it works.
I am talking to the dorm manager tomorrow about the possibility of having the whole dorm blessed. I am scared.

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