Monday, September 06, 2004


SO I had my id picture taken today. Why is it that all pimples sense when you are having an important picture taken, and spite you by popping out all together?
Anyway, I spent all morning trying to (wake up) look pretty, and it didn't work. So i trudged downstairs to wait for a Toki jeep to take me to reg. I got in line with five other people and got on. To my horror, the jeepney driver was smoking. I have a proposal. For people who smoke in public, they should be made to wear a bucket of horse manure and rotting garbage around their neck for 3 hours per stick. Just so they know what it's like.
I was battling a migraine by the time i got to the Registrar's Office. Reeking of smoke, I staggered to the office and stared at Mario's filipino cousin. (Mario, the nintendo dude.) He frowned and squinted at me then gestured vaguely in the direction of the chair in front of the camera. "Pooka, pooka."
I thought i had gone deaf. "Excuse me?"
"Pookajan, sa silya." Oh.
The last time i had my picture taken was when i was a freshman, two million years ago. And i had to wait in line for maybe three hours and I had to grin like an imbecile. And then I had to wait six months for my id. Now I can pick it up tomorrow.
I stared blankly at the camera. "Tikajan." Mario's cousin said. I smiled.
7 years in UP and my second ID. Woooow. Amazing. And I'll finally get to go inside a library. Which I have not done yet, EVER. Heehee. Am looking forward to that.

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Luctor et Emergo said...

"Pookajan" and "Tikajan" sounds onomatopoeic.