Monday, September 13, 2004

Weekend Warrioress (Er, Warriar?)

The day of the Hell-Play we were doing for Speech 121 dawned ironically bright and sunny. I play one of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS, and i am Sloth. Go ahead. Laugh. I stared at the ceiling which was cracking plaster and raining giant dandruff, cursing in my head.
I stayed up till around 5am talking to Ilse. Which i have been doing all week anyway. And ended up waking up at 1, two hours before call time of the play. I managed to get lunch at the shopping center and went straight to the classroom which we were converting into a theater. I learned 5 things that day.
1. I have to loothen my lithp. I thpeak with a lithp and i tend to thwallow my wordth. Yassie gave me tongue exercises. (Not THAT kind of exercise.)
2. How to put on eyeliner. I hate makeup. I ended up stabbing myself in the eye with a sharpened stick (Read: eyeliner) because i was doing it in a roomful of people and we were all jostling for mirrorspace. Now to learn how to put it on correctly. I ended up looking like a pirate.
3. I cannot wear a tube top. While we were dancing in the disco/orgy scene, the tube top thingy ended up around my waist. Darn my genes for not giving me a c-cup chest! Oh well. Am happy with my height, but one wishes my breasts would be bigger than a 12 year old's. Good thing i was wearing a jacket, so i narrowly escaped flashing the audience.
Sidebar: Why is showing your chest called flashing while showing your butt called mooning?
4. I cannot dance. Hey. i knew that.
5. Ma'am J is a cruel, cruel person. After the performance, she said that she was canceling the rest of our performances because this would be our final project instead of our midterm. After we finished screaming in jubilation, she said," I was joking." Then she assigned a "Reflection Paper" on the performance we just finished. Duh.
After that, three classmates and i had dinner at the Chocolate Kiss. The waiter and i are now on eyebrow-wagging terms. He gave me extra lemons for my tea. Awww. Feeling slightly restless, I still wanted to go out. So when my cousin's friend texted, i decided to go out. We had (tasteless) cream cheese bagels at country style. I got home at 12 and talked to ilse again. And i promised him A Very Stupid Thing.


I slept at around 7am again. and when my dad called at around 9:30, i wanted to howl. but this is my da.
My poor dad. He had to bribe me to see me. I feel bad. He was so sentimental and trying so hard not to be mushy. I was touched. And he is a very good father to me and my stupid ass siblings who are too stupid to notice and too apathetic to care. I wish i could tell him how proud and grateful I am that he is my father. i wish i could hug him tight every time i see him and tell him how i feel about his drinking, eating and smoking habits. Sometimes i look at him in church and wonder who or what he prays for. We so do not deserve him.
We had lunch at KainKAmayan. Seafood buffet. Urgh. I was stuffed.
When I got back to the dorm, the UAAP CHeering competition was on. Since half the dorm was actually there in the Coliseum, and the other half was glued to the tv, i joined in. I was SOOOO DISAPPOINTED by the UP PEP SQUAD's performance. it was the worst of all eight. We did not deserve second place. But we got it. I hope the Pep Squad learns from this.
Goloo picked me up for mass around 5:40. We went to the Santuario in greenhills. I felt a strange... When we had dinner at JT's, i felt that strange thing again. Then i realized (rather graphically) that i had bled through my jeans. EEEEEEW. So it was my period. And my jeans were.., ugh... icky. So he, having five sisters, matter-of-factly dropped me off the dorm for a change of clothes and stuffed me with cheesecake later on. THANKS KUYA! Incidentally, I am responsible for Goloo's potential concussion and wrist fracture. SORRY Kuya! He also taught me how to drive an automatic. Thank you for that.
I am now talking to Ilse. And panicking because of the Very Stupid Thing. Hugs, Ilse.
triciaraine: waaah i don't deserve a friend like you
triciaraine: am an evil, evil person
Thanks so much, ilse, for understanding and not pushing. Thank you so very, very much.

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