Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Menu for Monday:
Breakfast: 1 glass of milk
Lunch: 1 stick of fishball
Dinner: 1 whole stuffd crust, bacon and cheese pizza
Brunch: half a butter cake slice
Lunch: 1 whole ziti from sbarro
No more dinner. Please.

Weekend Highlights:

Saturday: Drove Basil to his friend's birthday party in the middle of nowhere. Spent maybe 400 bucks calling his friends and trying to get directions to the place. Hopelessly lost at one point. Finally found it and dropped him off. Then drove to Makati to Starbucks jupiter to have coffee with Mau. Pretty, pretty barista flirted with me. Ended up somewhere along roxas with a cookie. Then we moved to the Harrison area. Weird things afoot. Home by 2.
Low Point of the Night: Screaming match with Basil in the car and getting a cop to shine a flashlight into the car, thinking we were doing something nasty. No duh.
High Point of the Night: Er... Cute barista offering to warm up my cookie. Hahaha.

Sunday: Rocky texted, saying she was in manila and she wanted to meet up. Doing my duty as a friend and driving to Tiananmen Bar in Stilettos. Long story. To be continued.

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