Friday, October 01, 2004

Scratching an Itch

My friend Marky asked me today what my stand was on premarital sex, as a Catholic. He wanted to know the girls’ point of view. Marky is Protestant, by the way. But it got me thinking. This is my opinion only, okay? I am in no way claiming to represent the opinions of anybody else.

Raine: I am 22. I am, quite dubiously, the oldest virgin in UP Fine arts, or so my friends tell me. I have resisted a lot of advances from all sorts of guys, which makes some people think I’m frigid. But if I meet someone I like and who likes me back in a serious way, why not? But it depends, really.
Marky: But don’t you want to wait till your wedding night?
Raine: Who says I’m getting married?
Marky: seriously… ?
Raine: I am serious. I don’t like that kind of commitment. It’s for the rest of your life! I can’t even foresee what I’ll be doing tomorrow.
Marky: But what about kids?
Raine: What about them?
Marky: isn’t the whole point of sex according to the christians for having kids? Then it would be a sin not to have kids. And it’s a sin to have kids out of wedlock. But back to my first question, do you think it’s right to wait till your wedding night?
Raine: But then it would be too late. I mean, you’re married. No backing out na. What if you find out on your wedding night that the two of you are absolutely incompatible in bed? What if you’re okay with everything else but not in bed? And it’s too late.
Marky: but if you’re in love, won’t it be good? I mean, that person is your soulmate, your other half. Surely that has to count for something.
Raine: Ah, but I don’t believe in love. Or soulmates.
Marky: Are you sure you’re a girl?
Raine: Are you sure you’re a guy?
Marky: Hah. But think about it. You are with the man you have chosen to spend the rest of your life with, and your union has been blessed by god and by man. And he will unite with you physically. And wouldn’t you want him to be the first? Even if it’s bad in bed, won’t you want to overlook it?
Raine: Come on. Be realistic. I am a girl. If I get pregnant I will suffer through nine months of morning sickness, then maybe ten or so hours of labor. The sex HAS got to be worth it. Doesn’t it? For me, IF I get married, there will be no backing out. I have to be SURE about the guy, in EVERY WAY.
Marky: So you’d have sex before you were married?
Raine: In theory, yes. Am not saying casual sex is okay. It’s a serious thing.
Marky: But…?
Raine: Think of it as a bar of soap. It’s the only soap you’ve ever used, and there’s no other soap for you. But you’re severely allergic to it. Still, you’ve never known any other soap. And you never had a choice. Isn’t that unfair?


leslie said...

party pooper :(

Luctor et Emergo said...

The bar of soap analogy is quite telling of today's consumer society, don't you think? Marketing raises our appreciation of consumer choice, even in the face of false choice.

Whether to have sex or not? Whether to engage in heterosexual sex or homosexual sex? Whether to engage in casual sex or committed sex? Whether to engage in pre-marital sex or extra-marital sex? Tough choices for the 'itch' consumer.

I doubt that being Catholic or not has anything important to do with it. It is a sexual health issue I suppose.