Saturday, January 29, 2005


Last night i dreamed i was a 15 year old prostitute in olongapo who had an american GI for a boyfriend. I remember being so excited and scared because he seemed like a big man in his late 30's. It was in the early 80's, and we w0uld go around the town's bars and discos and women with big hair on the arms of other servicemen. I remember the song Wake Me Up Before You Gogo by wham and Dancing Queen by abba.
I was so excited too because i was wearing a new dress that my pimp had bought for me. So when he picked me up at the house, i was beaming. And he was such a gentleman, a paternal, smiling man whose eyes wrinkled when he smiled. I came up only to his chest.
And then there was a fight in a bar. He immediately stood up and pushed me behind him, and pulled me outside to safety. He asked me if i wanted to go back to the house. I cried because i was afraid of what the madam would do if i came back early, so he decided to take me to a room. At the seedy motel, he made me wait by the door while he checked in. I remember being embarassed by the servicemen ogling me and giving me catcalls while they passed by, and the knowing jaded brittle stares of the whores with them. I was terrified.
And i saw him walk across the lobby towards me. And then the janitor who was mopping the floor beside me turned to me and hissed, "Puta!" And everything went dark. And I woke up.


randy said...

thats strange!

u must have been a prosti in your past life.. ahehe


isha said...

haha that would explain why i am sooo repressed in this life. hahaha. Thanks for linking me.