Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday Morning...

I am eating instant oatmeal, sans coconut, and it is nine am. I was up at six, for some reason i don't understand, because I finally fell asleep around three am at Majo's room. Majo's room is right across the hall from mine, but it's like a completely different world. For one thing, it's colder by five degrees. Yes, i measured it. And the air is cleaner. And there is less dust, because, unlike our room, theirs does not face the road.
Dianne, Marianne and I stayed up late to watch Azumi and Supersize Me. Azumi is an extremely bloody japanese movie about the only female assassin in a group of eleven semi-cute guys, and Supersize Me is a documentary about... well, you'll have to see it. I will not eat at McDonalds' anymore, but then i never was a mcdonalds' fan to begin with, except for the milo and mcnuggets.
I did not shower yesterday. I simply washed my face, because i was going to the Shopping Center of UP. This place, i might add, is not really a shopping center in the truest sense of the word. You may do the following there:
1. Go online
2. Photocopy notes and other stuff
3. Have your photocopies bound
4. Eat extremely oily food
5. Get a haircut
6. Eat corn and fruits
7. Rent books
8. Get a plain ticket
9. Get medicines
10. Get fish (Live or dead)
11. Get plants
12. Get pickpocketed, leered at or simply annoyed.
So shopping there is strictly for the average UP student on a shoestring budget.
Anyway, back to my non-shower. I told Tej and Noe i was headed there, and about to take a shower, and tej said, "What for? Nobody showers for the SC. There's nobody to impress there."
After contemplating this, i washed my face, pulled on some shorts* and headed out.
Wouldn't you know, while I was in line at the Coop, the guy in front of me smiled and said, "Raine, right?" He was tall, and kinda dark, and in no way familiar. I managed a weak smile and nodded. He grinned. "I'm your classmate in Span 10." Que pasa?
"You know me?" I was astounded. I am the class truant. I've been absent six times. Seriously.
He smiled. "Yes. I sit right behind you."
Okay, now this was creeepy. "But i've only been to class, like, three times this sem"
"I know." He nodded. "Don't be absent on monday. It's the great recitation thing."
"Er, okay." I was suddenly grateful for my unwashed state.
"Do you live on campus?"
Slowly edging away..." Er, yes. At Molave."
"I have to go now. " Nervous wave and mad dash for exit.
"Hola, senyorita." Eek.

*why shorts? If you know me, you know i never go out in public in shorts. There is a story to this. I used some depilatory cream stuff on my legs last monday. I promptly got sick from the fumes and I was unable to show off my shiny new hairless legs look because i had to hibernate.
SO now i do have a bit of stubble but i felt cheated for not being able to strut my stuff. So there.

I was starving last night and so I had yellow cab deliver a pizza. The phone operator was mean. I contemplated hanging up on her and eating somewhere else instead but my stomach was not happy with that idea. I got the pepperoni and mushroom with extra cheese. The woman sullenly informed me that their delivery took an hour and a half. But i wanted pizza so i said okay.
When the pizza got here, the delivery guy was apologetic. I tipped him and told him their phone op had an attitude problem. He grinned wryly and said, "Ganun talaga yun. (She's really like that.)" He then apologized for her behavior. Awww.
Congratulations to the Familia Bubuyog (That's Dianne, Marianne, Glenna, Bing, Irel, Majo and me) for the newest addition to our family, a red fighting fish called Kyow-kyow.

Am off to mass later. Haha. Haven't gone to confession yet, either, so i might not take communion. My dad just got back from bangkok so i must go home tomorrow. I am coughing up my phlegm now, which is good, and i can breathe easier now. Still need lots of bed rest, according to Drs. Dandan and Gio.


Jer said...

yey, i've never thought someone would make a transcript of a conversation i made. sorry for asking where you lived. never meant to freak you out or something. nice getting to know you better tough

Jer said...

yey, i've never thought someone would make a transcript of a conversation i made. sorry for asking where you lived. never meant to freak you out or something. nice getting to know you better tough. funny reading that though