Friday, March 18, 2005


WHY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME HAMSTERS ARE VICIOUS, TERRITORIAL CANNIBALS? I had to find out the hard way when Maui bear and i were at the pet store in SM North earlier tonight to animal-watch, then i saw two red eyed evil little monsters snacking on a now-furless fleshy bloody mess that used to be a hamster. Good god. I almost broke down.
Anyway, guys, i'll be home for the weekend, doing my plate and studying for my span exam, wish me luck. I'll be back here on monday for the exam and submission. See ya.

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Gaea's Apprentice said...

Good Luck! :p

I like hamsters.
I like cats.
They have that in common. Well, the cat ate its kits...

I still like both. You just made me remember the gross things cats eat.
Like the time I saw a cat lick/eat some doggie doo.

Yes... gross.