Monday, March 21, 2005

Among other things

who has finally thankfully graduated from high school at Sacred Heart School- Jesuit. I honestly thought you weren't going to graduate. I thank God that you did. Now we've gotta get you into college. Good luck to us.


Quote of the weekend :
"Hi I'm Mau. Get a piece of me now coz i'm going to be big in five or six years."
WAAAW. I wish I had his confidence. I hate him. :P


Was at Greenbelt with Marco, and I WAS NOT DRUNK. So there. Even if i staggered a bit. Even if i was a little too loud. Even if I was giggling like mad. Even if i was horny as hell. No. Seriously. It was only a bailey's. I WAS NOT DRUNK.


Manny Pacquiao lost to the other guy whose name i do not even recall, in a bloody boxing match. By two points. TWO frigging points. We all grieve with him and as a nation are cursing the other guy's fertility, lineage, mother, and privates. But we know who really won. Go. Manny. Mabuhay ka.


Took my span finals today. I wish to bury myself in oblivion. The teacher sneered at me, "What are your parting words?"
I said," I studied harder for this exam than for the last. Good luck to me." And walked away with my fingers crossed.
Little did she know that when one's fingers are crossed, the middle finger is also up. In fact, crossed fingers signify a bigger thicker dick than just the middle finger, right?
I have gotten my revenge. Muy bien to me.

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Jer said...

not final, 2nd long exam.