Saturday, March 26, 2005

semana santa: Black saturday

I walked into Malate Church looking for a priest to confess to.
He was old, white haired. Kinda heavy and very foreign. "I sit in the confession booth for three hours and nobody shows up." He complains. "And two seconds after i change somebody shows up for confession."
He waves me almost impatiently to a kneeler. I kneel and begin. "Bless me father for i have sinned. My last confession was..... Dammit. I don't remember."
He eyes me balefully for swearing in church. "Months?" He offers.
"E... sometime last year, I suppose." I grin. He is unmoved.
He's in kind of a rush so he asks me to list my worst sin. Er, worst? Hmmm. I think hard so he picks one and make me say a rosary. A WHOLE rosary. Wow. I AM evil.

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