Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Birthday Blues

I'm turning 23 on sunday. 23! Goddammit. I feel like i'm ten. I thought i'd have figured out at least who i was and who i wanted to be by the time i was 23. My dad turned 51 yesterday and he seems pleased. I'm just... perplexed.
23. Damn. I shouldn't even be complaining. John Clemens Go, Ryan and the daughter of tito Emon illustre won't even see 23.

Milestones this year:
1. The pope died.
2. Britney spears is pregnant.
3. Voted for the first time.
4. My blog is a year old!
5. Met maui bear and marco and trent and majo and glenna and ahya kiss
6. The G237 studios.
7. Lance Armstrong is retiring
8. The BSB got back together.
9. Ronan keating rereleased his own song.
10. Basil cut his foot in a taekwando fight with the kitchen sink.
11. Sponge cola
12. Biglaan.
13. The year of the P.G. at katipunan.
14. Moved into the dorm.
15. Rob graduated.
16. My mom moved back.
17. Boogichu became an architect.
18. John Graduated.
19. Niko graduated.
20. KC was born.
21. Ate Lesli got married.
22. Jakey was born.
23. Hmm. Grew up a little bit more.


gio said...

*cups his hands and whispers to your ears* psst. you forgot "you finally ended your "one year in hell" *devilish grin*

gio said...

oh yeah and happy michael jordan. note i am not sending it via sister mail. :p

evil_eye said...

and what's wrong with feeling like ten when youre 23?


happy birthday!

tetel said...

happy birthday. didnt know how else to get the message through. hope you find whatever it is you seem to still be looking for.

uNdeRneAth said...

cuz!!!! happy bertdei!!! heheheheh i wanted to be the last to greet you.. hehehehhe miss you a lot.. ^_^ ingatz!!!