Monday, April 25, 2005

I love my ahya. So much.

Life Captured

She sees the world in her looking glass
She makes fun out of life and cries for it
She thinks, she writes, she captures life
A moment in time made divine through
her looking glass

She thinks of you and me as her art
She makes art much more interesting
than life itself
She thinks, she writes, she captures life
A life that seem so weird that you and I
cant comprehend

She has captured you and me in her
She has made art that seems so real
She has made life seem unreal
A captured moments passing by forever
changed into something else

She has made a world of her own
She has captured a different kind of
beauty from time
She doesnt know about it, yet somehow
she knows
A life captured and sustained forever for
the world to see

- Chris Uy

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