Sunday, July 31, 2005

Burn Out

And now I am almost burnt out. Thanks to Kamil. Wahaha. Joke lang, dude. Really, I appreciate it. Kamil is the kindest man alive. Yeah baby. Hugggggggy.
Majo lost her cell kanina in SM. Sana makarma ang magnanakaw.
I am blogging on my mom's PC and some porn window keeps popping up. EEk. I will not even ask or imagine why.
On the bright side, I finally got to bite something i've always wanted to bite. On the dark side, I got a really bad migraine. So. see ya guys. And the last blog, it wasn't what you guys think. Really.

One liners for my friends-

MAUI- Hugs to Junior. Suzy is DEAD.
CLANG- Cheers! I aint mad atcha. really.
Majo- Cheer up. I'll be home tomorrow. Hugs.

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