Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fraternally Yours

Oddly, I have made contact with three fraternities in the past week. Maybe it's pretty run-of-the-mill for most UP students, being as friendly as we are on average, but it's odd for me. I honestly don't even see the point of most of them, as my dad calls them "glorified gangs." I did ask him once why they usually chose Greek letters and he sait they wanted to emulate the noble values of the Greek civilization. (He didn't mention the hazing and i didn't bring it up.)

Of course, there'sBeta Epsilon, my dad's frat. I grew up in this frat and am known as a Betanak. It sounds icky, i know, but it's a really strong bond. My godfathers are mostly my dad's brods, and my friends are also kids of brods. And they really ARE family. No kidding.

Then there is AC, or Artists' Circle, of Fine Arts. They don't use greek letters. (a plus point for them) and they've been inviting me forever, thank God they've been pretty patient with me. They're really good people and their objectives seem pretty straightforward to me. But I AM commitment-phobic, and the thought of binding myself to a single org doesn't do much for a calm stomach. Still, they're pretty great.

And the 17 year old Jeriel just joined Sigma Rho. I will not comment.

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