Wednesday, July 20, 2005


My giant mug is full of Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate. It soothes me, this smell. Although I was raised on Milo, and I still have packets of it stashed away in my dorm room, this brand always calms me. I am happy, right now. Really.
It was cold outside, the damp humid chill of midnight in UP. You might as well be in a forest, with the silence and the frogs and the crickets all chorusing. I suppose I need my silence, being a loner by nature, but in this place, at this time, you’re never really alone. But I don’t mind the company. If I could, if it were safe, I would be out walking right now, a little past midnight, around the academic oval, just breathing, just being. But the thieves and snatchers and rapists have deprived me of that and so the closest I get to that is by sitting next to my open screenless window and listening, and breathing.
I wish I was at the soccer field now, looking up. Good night.

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