Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Biko Hair And Other Amazing Adventures

Yesterday, as I got ready to shower, I remembered my bottle of "Coconut Virgin Oil" in an unused bag. Now Majo, my roomie, swears by this as a sure solution for falling hair and dandruff. (And yes, I do know it's supposed to be Virgin Coconut Oil.) She told me to use it as a conditioner. So after my shower I dumped in three hands full of the stuff into my hair. Which apparently was a bad idea, since Majo uses maybe 4 drops for her hair which is longer than mine.
I didn't notice anything at first, except that the stray cats were unusually friendly. But I attributed it to my animal magnetism (wahahaha, that's for you, Kevin!). I didn't have time to dry my hair properly, so i rushed off to Figure Drawing Class with soaking wet hair. My classmates sniffed the air as i passed by, thinking that i had brought biko to class. (Biko is coconut rice pudding.) I knotted my hair up with an extra pencil and proceeded to draw. After class, when i pulled the pencil out, the smell of hot coconut oil filled the room, and my hair was still soaking wet. To my horror, I had grease stains on my shirt. So I fled back to the dorm, and showered again. BUT THE FRIGGING OIL WOULDN'T WASH OUT!
I panicked and ran back to my room. Majo soothed me and tried to powder it out. With Johnson and Johnson's CORNSTARCH POWDER. When that didn't work, she tried blow drying my hair. What happens when you mix CORNSTARCH, COCONUT OIL and HEAT? Yep, Biko Hair.
Had lunch with my mom and her best college buds. Wow. They're OOLD! I wonder if we'll be like that forty years from now. Every time they get together, someone's had a baby, someone 's separated from her husband, someone's kid is having a baby, someone's lost her job, someone's leaving the country. It's strange, but I guess I'm happy that my mom has friends like these.




Gaea's Apprentice said...

What possessed you to put so much coconut oil on your hair?

Parang ang saya ng biko hair adventure mo... dapat nag tanong ka kay ate majo kung gaano karami ang linagay dapat. :D

Any pics of this biko hair? :D

tobie said...

Yeah! Me wanna see the Bico Hair!
Sarap siguro non.

isha said...

dudes. Biko hair can't be captured on cam; it can only be smelled and touched and tasted.