Wednesday, August 24, 2005


A quick scream to Evil Eye who is checking this using his friend's Nokia Communicator. HI THERE!
strongbasssound: huy
strongbasssound: blog about me --- So there. I've blogged about you, Paolo.
Dandan says I label people too much. I don't know. Maybe i do. Maybe i divide the world into short people, gay people, obnoxious people, stupid people. There's red stuff, blue skies, hairy armpits, smelly strangers on the mrt, and the idiots who drive in the middle of the road.
There's the 17 year old, the fag-turned-priest, the psycho nut, the psychic gal, the girl with the boyfriend with another girlfriend, and the one who got himself shot during a hold up.
My mom's neurotic, my dad needs anger management, my brother is anti-social and the youngest is narcissistic.
There's the friend who thinks he's a hamster, and the other one who thinks he's a lab retriever, and the other who thinks he's God. There's the dormmate who is a bitch, and one who is an activist, and the one who's a prick, and another one who's a tightfisted miser.
There's the Mama's Boy ex, the guy with a girlfriend, the OTHER gyu with a girlfriend, the fat kid, the little kid, the skinny kid, the asshole, the dweeb, the minor, the one who took me to church on our first date, the one who was set up on a blind date, the frat boy, the Questor, the gay guy, the mayabang dude, the one with a kid, the lesbian, the man-slut, the Atenista, the guy with really bad B. O.
All this time I've been complaining about small minded people. I hadn't realized it was contagious. I hate boxes and I hate putting people into them, so I'll stop. From this point on, I'll stop. Thanks for pointing that out, dandan. Really.


tobie said...

I wonder which one I am here.

btw, I'm more sorry I fell asleep early. Hope you're okay!

Kevin! said...

names are labels, aren't they? kinda like "he's not really a Michael kind of person" or "she is so like a Michelle"

forgetting the names, we might as well make our own :p

with that out of the way, why do I think I'm the man-slut...?