Tuesday, August 09, 2005


He makes me want to draw him. And i don't draw.
He isn't even goodlooking. Well, maybe he is. Now I understand the fascination of artists with their muses, wanting to draw them over and over, from every pose, trying to capture a piece of them on paper.
I've taken pictures of him, rolls and rolls of him squinting and making faces and posing awkwardly. And I've taken pictures of him smiling and relaxed and naked, in my head.
He makes me want to grab the nearest available surface and medium and draw his face, his profile, anything. And I don't fricking know why.

Puchamp naman. The funny thing is, he doesn't mind posing. Hahaha. Poser. :p

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tobie said...

You have to practice your nude portraits right? ASk him to pose.