Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Panda monium

A few quickies:

1. I have turned obsessive compulsive. Oh My Gawd.

2. I got a haircut. I loooook sooo damn hot. Yum yum. (all sane single guys take note, wahaha)

3. I love the following people:
a. My mama tobie
b. my bespren maui bear
c. The following hamsters: Dada Woolly, John, Boogichu and Wafi
d. My amo Kamil and sidekick Jingo
e. My parents
f. Damien Rice
g. Neil Gaiman
h. My kuyas: Chad Joe and Ahya Kiss
i. My tiger Miguel Carlos Antonio Enrique
j. My roomies : Marianne, Majo and Trish

4. My digicam is dead :( RIP. I am now accepting donations for a digital SLR.

1 comment:

Ronald Allan said...

I'm obsessive-compulsive too. :-) And I also got a new haircut. :-)

My condolences to your fallen digicam....