Saturday, September 10, 2005

Funny Friday

I love my mama. :D
Today I woke up with stomach cramps.
The best cure for stomach cramps is a Tummy Rub.

"Ayaw niya kaming maging ignore."
"Lumuluha ang mga tears ko..."

Devirginized eyes part 2:
Tonight i got into the car with majo. When I switched on the headlights, i accidentally lit up a couple who were very passionately making out on the steps of the old lobby. WTF?! Are we the only people in the world not getting any? Hahaha. I hastily flicked off the lights, but when i turned them on again they were sitting a foot apart. :D Gotcha.

We went to Abs Cbn to hang out with Mama Tobie and gorge ourselves on Starbucks eclairs. Aaagh. Then we went home to watch a freaky Horror website. Ooh. Will post the URL when I can find it. Cheers.


tobie said...

Hahahahah!!!!!!!!!!! Whooooo!!! Isha, mukhang may mutant power ka to detect making-out couples!

And yes, I love you too, panda dearie...

Tummy rub.... tummy rub....

Kevin! said...

or maybe it's some unconscious effort to foil the people who do get some

bad panda, baaad