Tuesday, September 13, 2005


mondays are rainy and weird. But i had a great one.

I sat outside my room shortly before lunchtime waiting for my roommates to arrive. (Yes, more than half the sem is over. Yes. I still don't have a key to our room. But I can live without it.) And the girl i saw last week walks past and stops and asks if i'm okay. I stare at her in shock and realize I AM SPEAKING TO HER. So I try not to aviod eye contact and grin weakly. She offers to get the master key downstairs, and when i say no, she offers to let me stay in her room. She really is the sweetest person. And I will NEVER mention her again in my blog or outdoors in connection with her "activities" last week.

I realize now, with my prolonged radio exposure because of the car, that I am not happy with any of the radio stations here in manila. (That's what CD players are for.) Everyone has a funny accent (either american, atenean or jologs) and They don't play songs I can sing along to. Sigh.

Went to ABS CBN to go to my mama's mama's birthday but he told me it was cancelled since the weather had worsened. So we pigged out nonstop. Yay. Hugs, mama!

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