Friday, October 28, 2005

Welcome To My Sem Break

Pinoy Big Brother Update:

Argh. Okay. Official Announcement. Yes. i do follow the frigging series. But, no, i don't watch it. :p so there. I think I am pleased that CHX was voted out and I have an intense dislike os Say, because of the way she wiggles her lips around when she talks. I think Uma is yummy, but he had better head out of the closet or someone will drag him out of it. Oh, is he out yet? Aaaargh. Dammit.

Flipping Through The News

A fraternity gang-raped a bunch of teenage girls. The head of the frat was left, cuffed in a room, and the: mothers of the victims were led in, one by one.
Mother: (taking off her wooden-heeled slipper, swats the guy across the face.) Animal ka! Walang Hiya ka! Kinuha mo ang virginity ng anak ko! Putris ka!
(You animal! You took my daughter's Virginity! You Animal!)

So... it doesn't bother her that her daughter was brutally gang raped by eight guys, but it pisses her off that her daughter isn't a virgin anymore? ....
I googled the word Virgin. Here is what came out in the I'm Feeling Lucky section: ... So it's true... Virgins ARE boring. I was expecting porn.

Moving on, I decided to google DEVIRGINIZED.
I'm Feeling Lucky (Or Sinuswerte ako) Popped out:
Which was also pretty boring. hmmm.


Was boiling mad at my mom today. Thank god for my Other Mama,
Tobie. I am ashamed to admit that after being so mad for the better part of a day, I was bribed by my mother with a danish and a snickers almond bar. Shame, Shame. I love my mama.Both of them.

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Norman said...

How I wish I was still a student.