Tuesday, December 27, 2005

20 unknown facts about me

I saw this in LORD OF THE MORNING's blog, and in the spirit of the season, have decided to do it.

20- I ramp modeled once when i was about 15. That's when i met David (How are ya, dude?)
19- I cannot stand ketchup. Or red tomato sauce. Or mayo. Eeeurgh. Yes. I am announcing it to the world. Same thing works for spaghetti. I cannot stand the stuff. In fact, i am gagging as i type it.
18- When I was in 4th grade, I won a citywide art contest, getting the medal for Best in Watercolor. Now that i'm in fine arts, UP Dil, I cannot draw at all. Nope. A teacher once told me, pityingly, that i had no talent.
17- I like romance novels. AAAAAARGH.
16-I am addicted to milk, but I am lactose intolerant sometimes. Haha.
15- I had a "boyfriend" in 1st grade at assumption antipolo, named Joselito De Leon. I bribed him to be my best friend by lending him my whistle. He started calling me Babe after that, and I hit him for it but i was secretly thrilled. I still do wonder about him sometimes.
14- I've been on most places in luzon and visayas. I have been blessed with adventurous parents who would dump us in a car and cart us off to sagada or bohol for the hell of it, even when finances were really tight. My favorite place in the world is at Baling Hai, Boracay, at Tito Otik's resort.
13- I am afraid of the dark.
12- I can flare my nostrils at will.
11- I have been kicked out of 3 ballet schools. Yep. And I'm proud of it.
10-Animals love me. This is true. Cats follow me around in UP, stray puppies sleep on my feet, I even had a monkey once cuddle with me out of the blue in the zoo of cebu. (And yes, the rhyme is not deliberate) And insects don't freak me out at all. I can hold snakes, earthworms, millipedes, whatever creepy crawlies. I once handled a bunch of cockroaches on a dare.
9- My first marriage proposal came from a 4 year old boy named james. I was teaching summer school at Sacred Heart, but i had to leave for manila mid-summer. On my last day, the smallest cutest boy goes up to me, hugs me, and says, "Teacher Raine, when I grow up, can i marry you?" AWWw. I was 17 then.
8- I have a HUGE family. Huge, I tell you. So I'm probably related to you distantly. If you carry any of the following names: Arriola Pimentel Ybanez/Ibanez Dy Lee Asis Mallare Falcon Diego Bautista Beltran De Leon Jimenea Dychauco Gamboa Ilagan Arayata Gorospe So Yager Bawagan Mendoza Arrgh I've lost track.
7- I can NOT dance. Nope. NO dancing. Nada. Nil. Nein. Nay.
6-I don't end my stories. I once had a story run on for 9 notebooks, back in high school, and my classmates would pass them around, volume by volume, begging for an ending. But I don't know how to end my stories. I can't bear to, so i simply stop, midstream. Haha.
5- I am NOT Chinese. Nope.
4- I have a fetish for stubble on guy's chins. God, it's so sexy, when it's a bit rough and short pa.
3- I cannot sleep without the pink quilt my mom made me when i was three and the tiger that Maui bear gave me on my last birthday.
2- I have a hair trigger temper. Seriously. But i'm too much of a wimp to do anything about it.
1-I once gave myself food poisoning from Mais Con Hielo. That's how bad I am at cooking, hahaha. Thankfully i've learned my lesson and now leave all the culinary attempts to Basil, my baby brother, who is in his final year at CSB taking up Culinary Arts.

Tagging YOU!


Kevin! said...

"I once handled a bunch of cockroaches on a dare."

you are gross, woman! gross!

I'll just be in the corner, trying not to faint...


tobie said...

21. You are a wonderful intelligent creative and drop-dead gorgeous woman who can be deadly if she chooses to be.