Friday, January 20, 2006


A guy died near my house last night.
He was held up by some guy on a motorbike, and shot. He lived for a while but nobody dared to help him so he bled to death. When a late good samaritan finally brought him to the hospital across the street, he was gone.
I hear he came from a rich family, and that his mother and family made an emotional scene outside this morning.
I hear he was good in taekwondo. My brother is varsity in taekwondo. It disturbs me.
I hear he was a student from benilde. It gives me chills to know that. My brothers and I pass that same road every day.
I cannot even imagine the grief of his parents, knowing that he died alone, that he died because nobody cared. He was 19.
i cannot even imagine what thoughts ran through his mind as he lay there bleeding to death, all because of a cellphone.
This is why I agree with Mayor Duterte of Davao's iron fist. Snatchers, thieves, drug pushers, they deserve what's coming to them. Call me elitist. But i do. I hope they all rot in hell.
May he rest in peace, now.


In other news. I want to become a barista. Sa Starbucks or Coffee Bean. So if any of youguys knows anyone, please tell them. I'm a clean panda naman eh, i don't drink coffee!

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tobie said...

Scary... I go through that same route when I go home after visiting you. Egad. It is truly a different world we live in now, where so much and so little mean the same thing in many ways.

Its sad no one came to help him.
Its sadder still the crime was committed at all.