Thursday, January 12, 2006

To All Pinoy Bloggers

Since I am so sick of hearing about the inferiority of the Philippines, compared to the other countries, I want to make a list of TEN THINGS I LOVE ABOUT THE PHILIPPINES. And i want you to post this in your blog, and NO REPEATING ha. And Tag everyone else too. Don't limit yourselves to 10, though. Really. Mabuhay. Tagging EVERYONE!

15. Chocnut. Yupyup.

14. The vendors at the intersections. They have EVERYTHING. From fishing rods to toy helicopters to cashew nuts to car cell chargers. They're extremely convenient. You can stay in traffic for HOURS and not starve.

3.(Also from Kuya Joe) Where else can you find people so addicted to food, they would eat dropped food just as long as "wala pang 5 minutes"?

12. (From Kuya Jowes, a.k.a. Joe): We refer to waiters as "Boss" or "Chief" and strange men as "Mama." Seriously.

11. When asking for the check, most people draw a rectangle in the air in restaurants and bars.

10. Tingi. -Where else can you find cigarettes by the stick, sachets of shampoo, or garlic by the piece, or small plastic bags of cooking oil at affordable prices? If in the States they supersize everything, here, it's downsized.

9. Jeeps. Yep. Can't live with them, can't live without them.

8. Cono people - thanks for the entertainment. Like this guy's blog: Make Poverty History

7. Bopis, Squid Balls, Kwek kwek, tempura, chicken balls, etc. Nuff said.

6. Unibersidad Ng Pilipinas. I love my school.

5. The Metro Manila Film Festival: Because Filipinos spend so much at Christmastime, it is very thoughtful of our film industry to put our star studded corny movies that people avoid like the plague, giving our pockets a much-needed break at the end of the year,

4. Askals and Puskals- genetically superior hybrid mongrel cats and dogs, impervious to almost everything (even being run over by cars.)

3. Tito Boy, Tita May, Kuya Mike and Ate Kris- Universal Relatives. Every full blooded pinoy has at least one of them. Yep. And all the cool names we have here, as well. Ding, Dong, Dingdong, Ping, Nene, Uma, Amoy, Dodong, Ping Pong, Denden, Yanyan, Mikmik, Dandan, whatever.

2. Pan De Manila -The Big Pan De Sal.

1. The Bahala na Habit and the Manana Habit- Long live the Procrastinators!
I love you all. Cheers!

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