Monday, February 27, 2006

The Ballad of Tobie and Isha (or, How we got together)

Feb 13. Tobie showed up at the house with a DVD of mirrormask, and we watched it with my dad's projector, at my brother's place. At nearly midnight, he and i went to a store to buy some drinks, and then to the drugstore to get something for my migraine. My brother gave his gf flowers then, and they left. Tobie and I stayed out to talk. And we did. He asked me about what he meant to me, because he still thought I had feelings for Voldemort (er.) and I told him about how I'd been waiting for him to ask me since january. And we realized that what we were looking for from each other had been right there all along. It started to rain, but it was okay.

Feb. 14 Valentine's day
Tobie and I got to the fair near midnight, and met up with Hamz and Majo. It was a beautiful night, and love was thick in the air, you could just smell it. The Sunken Garden was full of people, mostly couples, and Hamz and Majo were happy to talk and walk around. There was just enough time for me to get a Panda Henna tattoo, then I dragged tobie off to the Ferris Wheel, because i had plans for him. For those of you who haven't seen the Valentine Episode of SpongeBob Squarepants, go watch it. That was what I had in store for Tobie. (:p) But as we stood there at the foot of the wheel waiting for somebody else to arrive, Tobie ran into a friend. So i chatted for a bit with Majo and Hamz. Next thing i know Tobie had dropped to his knees, hugging my waist. He was crying a bit as he asked me to be his girlfriend. Hamz and Majo were squealing ecstatically. I could only say Yes before i burst into happy tears too and hugged him.
Of course, it was past midnight, so technically it was february 15. High points of our night were slow dancing to Sugarfree's live rendition of "Tulog Na", then going to a booth to have our picture taken for the first time officially as a couple. Aww.

Tobie! I love you!!!


tobie said...

And I love you Isha!

Shocked naman ako you shared the details talaga! *shy!!!!*


evil_eye said...

i have a very important question...

is the DVD pirated?