Friday, March 10, 2006

Poopsicles, yuck

warning: This is a yucky entry detailing the workings of my bowels.

yanyan_1337: Raine you are sick.
Raine: i don't know why you seem so surprised.

So i haven't. For three days. And my intestines were feeling pretty clogged. Sam told me to take a laxative, so i took two teaspoons of epsom salts with a glass of water. Gah. That was the vilest thing i've ever had, and i've eaten my own cooking. For good measure, i had a fruit cup too, and to wash the horrible taste away, 3 consecutive glasses of water.

Thirty minutes later my tummy was rumbling. I was on the phone with Tobie when the laxative finally kicked in. Here is our conversation.

Panda: Ah.. tobie, I have to go now.
Tobie: WAIT!
Panda: What?
Tobie: Squishy poopie.
Panda: I've got goosebumps. I really have to go.
Tobie: Ooh, chocolate...

And so i hung up, rushed to the toilet, and finally cleared my bowels.

This was 6 hours ago. My belly is still rumbly. Argh. Yuck.

In other news. Tobie and I were in Malate last night, drawing each otehr in Starbucks. I was surprised by the really pretty women-who-used-to-be-men. And we were at Top&Bottom, the sex toy and clothing store. I've never seen dildos that big. Wow. Our favorite (mine and Tobie's) was the huge inflatable 2 and 1/2 foot penis, and a white t-back with a chain ornament. Hahaha.

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