Sunday, April 02, 2006

Another Dream

I dreamed i was in greenhills, wandering around shelves and shelves of smuggled bottles of lotion. It was a vast library of shelves, with high high ceilings and shafts of sunlight stabbing the almost sacred silence. There were nivea bottles with arabic labels, pots and tubes of bath and body lotions.
And i had 5.

one. A single bottle or tube or pot.
A giant shriveled gray imp with spectacles crouched on top of the shelf i was browsing at, dressed in a coat and tie. No pants, though.

in a flawless english accent, he enunciated the time ticking away.

Four minutes left.
three minutes and twenty seven seconds left.
two minutes and fifty three seconds left.
One minute left.

I rushed from shelf to shelf, frantically reading labels and smelling scents and testing creams.

"Three Seconds left." The creature purred.

Then i saw it. The perfect bottle of lotion, sparkling in a spotlight of sunshine. I reached for it almost triumphantly, twisting the cap to smell it. and the cap was stuck.
In horror, i looked up at the creature, who smiled, flashing his sharp teeth. The last thing i saw was his long thin purple tongue darting towards me.


tobie said...

Scary sweetie.
Very scary.

I wonder what this dream represents?

*hugs my Panda Bear tight*

~*~TwiZTeD AnGeL~*~ said...

hmmm...a weird dream indeed...

its probably just some built up stress..^^ Or you have some hidden fetishes for lotions and creams.. *grins*

isha said...

the fetish for lotions is more likely haha. Scaly creatures with purple tongues? Too much barney. Hahaha.