Thursday, April 27, 2006


Someone offered me a job last week. Php10k a month, plus training in Europe for 2 weeks. HOWEVER, it's got a 3 year contract chaining me to it. And 3 years of 10K doesn't seem worth it. Plus, they want me to do graphic work for their other companies too, under the same salary, minus taxes. All royalty from my work is, of course, theirs. And to clinch it, their office is in Muntinlupa. Yup. That's 3 hours away from my house.
I said no. Gas alone would eat up the entire salary and then some.
They called back today and upped the ante to 12k. I still said no. Sigh. Did I make a mistake? I hope not. Will be handing out my resume tomorrow. I hope. Anyone. If you need a copywriter/graphic artist/coffeemaker. Call me.

Bumped into Eroica. She is my idol. I wish i could dress up like her. Gah. I'm just a slob from UP. Haha.

Saw Silent Hill today. The unhappy ending bothered me. Poor Boromir. The Ring has great power over him, extending even into totally unrelated movies, so he can't see what's right under his (very large) nose. At least he didn't die, like he usually does. But i found the movie okay. The monsters were scary at first but pretty comical later on. But the buildup was intense, and i ended up watching the movie from inside my beanie.

1. Open Season -though the squirrels brandishing guns and yelling "Oy" intrigues me.
2. Poseidon- I can't swim. I've lived on islands all my life and i can't swim. There is a reason for that.
3. The mermaid movie of Jojo and that girl from nickelodeon - Preteens from the states scare me. No offense meant.
4. D' Lucky Ones- Mama. I know you have free tickets. But i can't. I just can't.
5. MI3- well, maybe i just might, but at the moment, Tom cruise makes me want to heave ho.

We ate at Karate Boy in Robinsons' Manila. The miso soup was okay, and the gulay was good. And that's about it. The service was soooo bad. They were cleaning while we ate, so everything ended up tasting of chlorine. The punch was kinda bubble-gummish. Potato balls are strange. Tempura had raw flour. I kid you not.

Tobie has a nice perfect butt. Yes. It's nice and perfect.


tobie said...



*tries to look for it*

I do?

(love you baby!)

isha said...

yep, it's nice and perfect. But only a special kind of panda can see it. :D

love you.

Tybalt1701 said...

If you're looking for a job, Isha, my company is looking good researchers and smart people. Guess what, you qualify. If you're interested, send me your resume ( We're along Buendia, near RCBC plaza and I understand that researchers get more than 12k a month. What do you think?