Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ding, dong, the witch is dead!

I am so happy. I just heard that my thesis adviser was kicked out of UP Cebu. I will not name names, but that ... there are no words, really, to describe the years we spent under the thumb of that narrow minded religious fanatic/catamite. Kudos to my friend Floyd, who was my brother at arms against that tyrant. Floyd texted me this morning with the good news.

"Tol, M------- was found guilty of plagiarism and using students' theses by the UP Chancellors' investigating committee. Wala na sya sa UP! Vindication Galore!"

I actually broke down when i saw this message. He's gone. Thank God. For a full accounting of his/her/it's offenses against us, just message me here.


Saint Eroica said...

where's the wake and when's the funeral??? where do we send the flowers? i may not know this person but i could feel what he has done to you... i have the same experience when i was still taking my m.a. (in that university along taft ave), the reason i lost interest was due to a professor who believes that everybody else is stupid and he, the gifted one from God. too bad for us, he's still alive and kicking ass. btw, i call him the original fungus face (pardon me senator santiago.)oh and another btw, i'm short and you're tall, which means you look better in any outfit, while it takes me years before i could decide what to wear and not look like a walking talking hideous doll! ;)

isha said...

my nemesis is still alive, but removed from up, which i am ecstatic about. I actually considered going back to teach so we'd be in an environment on level ground. Hag. He exorcised me once during an enrollment, and called me evil. To think this was in UP ha! Anyway. No need for flowers. I think the shame should be enough.
Thanks talaga for sending me the jokes ha. Tobie and i really do appreciate them. Haha.
Dapat may support group ang mga victims ng mga fungus-faced asshole na profs, parang league for the extermination of terror teachers or something like that. Haha. Hugs, erica.

tobie said...

May he not be alive for much longer. Bwahahahah!

floyd said...