Monday, May 29, 2006

For What It's Worth

I watched with disbelief as our Catholic Church and a few others have chosen to call for The Da Vinci Code’s Boycott. In fact, I sneered at the City of Manila for banning it from all movie theaters. They even had a book burning, feeble as it was with only 3 copies burnt. (Because the books are expensive, the witch hunters photocopied the book covers and burnt those instead.)

Being the opinionated UPian procrastinator that I am, I have decided to say a few things.

I have read ALL the works of Dan Brown. And the complete Harry Potter series. And The Exorcist. And the Necronomicon. And Anne Rice’s Vampire series. I especially loved Memnoch The Devil. And I was a Spirit Questor.

Does that make me evil? I don’t understand. I’m still a devout Catholic girl, born to a Catholic family and bred by Catholic Nuns. I go to mass every Sunday, I pray the rosary every day before I sleep.

After watching the Da Vinci Code, I still believe Jesus Christ was divine. I still believe he walked on water and turned water into wine and multiplied loaves and fish and died on the Cross. With or without Mary Magdalene, He is still the Son of God. But after watching Da Vinci Code, I have to admit, I felt nothing change. Nothing. Because.

The Da Vinci Code is FICTION. Book or Movie. FICTION. Like Harry Potter. Like Anne Rice.

Just thinking. I once asked a priest about my being a questor. Surprisingly, the priest told me, “If God gave you the gift of seeing things, then He must have a reason to trust you with it.”

God gave us intelligence. God gave us curiosity. God gave us free will. So why do we have to shut them down? I'm not saying the Da Vinci Code is correct, nor defending it. What I am railing against is the assumption that if we go against the calls of our priests to boycott it, we are evil. Well, not all priests said this. Our parish priest did, though. (But that's a different story.) They have made a counter-propaganda video, though. I'll be watching it tomorrow at our church, out of curiosity.

It just illustrates what a throwback to the dark ages the Church is. I hope our new pope has the sense and guidance to help us all.


By the way. There is a special place in hell for people who use the word "me" instead of "Ako" in texting. For example: D2 na Me. Same goes for people who switch YOU with Ikaw. (ex: Where na you?)

MY Gosh. You people are NOT cute. NOT AT ALL cute. YOU ARE ALL ANNOYING. BURN IN HELL. IF you must fracture a language, do not burden me with it. Especially if you aren't a teenybopper idiot trying to sound adorable. One person was actually a bank manager who was asking my dad if he could drop by my dad's office to have him sign some papers. A 50 something asking of "pwede Me punta jan?" My God. To quote



Norman said...

nyahhh... banned??? what hypocrites! idiots oh well

evil_eye said...

re: second topic.

so...youre suggesting that it should be "Where na IKAW?"


isha said...

haha. You're right, edzel. Basta. English and Tagalog are two different languages, and the bastard sentences that these people come up with make my skin crawl.