Sunday, July 23, 2006


Tobie and I saw Nacho Libre yesterday, and Lady In The Water today. Both are pretty much on opposite sides of the IQ spectrum, but it really depends on your expectations. I loved them both. (Plus I love tobie, but i don't want to be repeating myself.)
Ok. Nacho Libre... What's not to love? Oily masked men wrestling, doe eyed long haired goddess-bodied nuns, fat orphans and Jack Black as a monk. It even has our hero breaking into song! Muchas Gracias. We got in late though and missed the entire first part. How sad. But Jack Black in a faux Espanol accent and a moustache. Sigh.
I'll leave tobie to review lady in the water. It was fantastic, really. Except that i was sitting next to a couple who decided to discuss the merits of the last LRT station at baclaran and to ponder on the meaning of it's existence. Tobie was tempted to shut them up, too. I ended up "accidentally" kneeing the girl in the butt as they squeezed past us to get to the aisle. I am an evil panda. Sigh.
Tobie. I love you. Nyarks.
And people, I want to watch Cinemalaya. You guys wanna come with?


tobie said...

I better figure out how we can catch the Cinemalaya stuff. But if you can watch it with someone else, go for it love.

I should have a Lady In the Water review out soon.

I love you so much!!!

Anonymous said...

where is this cinemalaya thing?

isha said...

now it's at CCP but it should be in UP diliman's film institute the first or second week of august, I'll be posting a full sched. Cheers, shiro!

azrael said...

i missed the cinemalaya 2006

and UP nga daw sila sa august..

sige il wait your post re: sched

mabuhay kayo ni tobie!!! congrats! anniv nyo pala eheh