Monday, August 14, 2006


I'm getting rid of my old books, selling them pretty cheaply. Sige na, super mura nalang. Hehe. Seriously. All these prices are negotiable, especially if you're buying more than one book. Just email me which ones you're interested in, and I'll meet with you. It's an online garage sale, really, so wala kayong pressure na bumili, pero no return, no exchange. Game?

You can message me via friendster or at or here, Cheers!
See ya peeps!


Cosmos (Carl Sagan) P145
Contact (Carl Sagan) P145
Future Shock (Alvin Toffler)P145
Sphinx (Robin Cook) P125
The Cardinal Of The Kremlin (Tom Clancy) P125
Phoenix (Amos Aricha & Eli Landau) P125
You Belong To Me (Ann Rule) P95
The Chamber (John Grisham) P125
Coma (Robin Cook) P125
Gump & Co (Winston Groom) P95
Heroing (Daffyd ab Hugh) P75
Les Miserables (Victor Hugo) P125
The Nightmare Chronicles (Douglas Clegg) P95
The Incredible Discovery of Noah's Ark P75
The World According to Garp (John Irving) P125
Reality, Man, and Existence: Essential Works of Existentialism P145
Fit For Life (Harvey & Marilyn Diamond) P125
Lord of the Flies (William Golding) P95

2500 Anecdotes for all Occasions P175
Simple Ways to Make Your Daughter Worldly-Wise (Promod Batra) P50
Strong Spirits (Elisa di Carlo) P30
Diary of a Nobody (G
eorge & Weedon Grossmith)P50
Book of Etiquette P20
Understanding Dreams P20
The Promise of Joy (Allen Drury) P75
The Desperate Adversaries (Jack Hoffenburg) P95
Chameleon (William Diehl) P95
The Last Days of America (Paul Erdman) P75
Floodgate (Alistair McLean) P125
The Road Ahead (Bill Gates) P145
Risky Games (Olga Bicos) P95
Reflections And Dreams (Nora Roberts) P145
This Heart Of Mine (Susan Elizabeth Phillips) P145
One Kiss From You (Christina Dodd) P125
Night Shield (Nora Roberts) P70
Impulse (Nora Roberts) P40
Time and Again (Nora Roberts) P145
Just The Way You Are (Nora Roberts) P145

Trade Books
Fundamentals of the Metal Trade P35
The Illustrated Handbook of Upholstery P35
Staining and Finishing Unfinished Furniture and other Naked Woods P15
Kiln Drying of Sawn Timber P20
ABC's of Antennas P10
The Automobile Power Train and Running Gear Power Flow and Chassis Unit P70
The Jig Saw and Band Saw P20
The Jointer, Shaper and Thickness Planer P20
Wood Lathe P20
The Circular Saw P20

College Algebra, Revised Edition- Mijares P30
The Harvard Business Review P25
How To Start Your Own Business P25
Management of the Sales Force -Stanton and Buskirk P35
Potentially Viable Small Enterprises in the Philippines P25
Computer Systems Organizations - H. De Leon P25
Exporting- Villafuerte P25
Understanding Economics in the Philippines P30
Ang Pilipinas at Ang Mga Pilipino Noon at Ngayon- Agoncillo P70
Reading Into Writing I - Dadufalza P75
Chemical Principles in the Laboratory -Slowinsky Wolsey & Masterton P35
Spanish English Dictionary P15
Personnel Management 3rd Edition - Sison P25
Basic Field Hockey Strategies P8

Medical Books
Textbook of Pediatrics 14th Edition - Saunders P800
Pharmacology - J. I. Moore P80
Pediatrics 2nd Edition -Dworkin P80
Anatomy 2nd Edition -Ernest April P69
Anatomy 2nd Edition -Ernest April P69
Pharmacology 3nd Edition -Leonard Jacob P69
Surgery 2nd Edition - Jarell & Carrabas P75
Neuroanatomy - William Dwyer P69
Pathology 3rd Edition P75
Pharmacology Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews P69
Medical Jurisprudence -Solis P50
Digging Up The Bones: Vol 2 Microbiology -Linardakis P25
Pharmacology Pretest Self Assessment and Review 4th Edition P25
Microbiology Pretest Self Assessment and Review 4th Edition P25
Helping Mothers To Breastfeed P5
Biochemistry (10th Edition) 700 Q&A's -David Glick P5
Family Health Guide P69
Family Nursing and Medicine P35

Star Trek
Star Trek Creator: The Authorized Biography of Gene Roddenberry (2 copies) P150
Star Trek: The Ashes Of Eden - William Shatner P95
Star Trek: The Return -William Shatner P95
TNG: Guises of the Mind - Rebecca Neason P80
TNG: Q-Squared - Peter David P95
TNG: Imzadi -Peter David P95
TNG:All Good Things -Michael Jan Friedman P95
TNG: Kahless -Michael Jan Friedman P95
TNG: Contamination -John Vorholt P80
TNG: The Devil's Heart -Carmen Carter P80
TNG: The Best and The Brightest P50

Voyager Series:
Flashback -Diane Carey P90
Mosaic - Jeri Taylor P90
Caretaker -L.A. Graf P85
The Escape -Dean W. Smith & Kristine K. Rusch P85
Ragnarok -Nathan Archer P85
Violations -Susan Wright P85

Incident at Arbuk - John Greggory Betancourt P85
The Murdered Sun -Christie Golden P85
Ghost of A Chance -Mark Garland & Charles McGraw P85
Cybersong -S. N. Lewitt P85
Invasion #4 The Final Fury - Daffyd ab Hugh P85
Bless The Beasts - Karen Haber P85
The Garden - Melissa Scott P85
Chrysalis - David Niall Wilson P85
The Black Shore -Greg Cox P85
Marooned -Christie Golden P85
Echoes -Dean W. Smith & Kristine K. Rusch P85
Seven of Nine -Christie Golden P85
Death of a Neuron Star -Eric Kotaw P85
Day of Honor: Her Klingon Soul -Michael Jan Friedman P90

*remaining books as of noon wednesday aug 16 :D


evil_eye said...

ikaw pala trekkie e!!


John said...

u a trekkie??? hmm... didn't know.

isha said...

hmp. no shame in being a trekkie.

John said...

did I ever say anything about shame in being a trekkie???

drakulita said...

quel here from abc! huyyy do you still have The World According to Garp? :D