Monday, September 04, 2006

Back from Beyond

Well, peeps, I'm back. Just had a 9-day vacation in Cebu with my favorite garapata, and it's been the high point of my year (aside from becoming Tobie's panda, of course). Cebu's a different place now from the place I left 3 years ago, and having the most important person in the world to me, with me, put everything in a fresh light. It was unnerving for me at the start, looking for my favorite hangouts and finding empty abandoned lots, finished buildings where there were empty lots, and bad expensive food where there used to be reasonable delights. Still. I'm glad I went back.


1. Food: Honorable Mentions:
a. Mango Milkshake- EastWest
b. Chocolate Monster Cake- Orange Brutus
c. Mango Shake- Orange Brutus
d. Meals at Shangrila (at the prices they charge, the food SHOULD be.)
e. Meals at Tambuli
f. Don Barroso Semi Sweet White wine-Wine Shop
g. Mushroom Fondue- Wine Shop
h. Budbud Kabog- Redemptorist Church Parking Lot
i. Cookies- Bo's Coffee Club
j. Sisig- Pod5
k. Flower Shrimp Balls- Asian Fusion

2. Places We Loved
a. The Tiangge behind City Hall
b. East West
c. Baseline
d. Coco Mall
e. Tambuli
f. Shangrila Mactan
g. Pod 5
h. The Wine Shop
i. The Daoist Temple
j. My Tito's Pool Table
k. Mango Square
l. Downtown

3. Places We Didn't Love So Much
a. Camp Marina (assholes kasi)
b. Ayala? (so bloody sick of the place, haha.)

4. People
a. Kamla's Family
b. Guy who gave us a ride out of Beverly Hills from the temple
c. Burp
d. John Lim- for singing two become one by the spice girls with me
e. Ruthie
f. Woolly
g. The Hamsters- Boogie, Jed and Adrian Yu
h. Eric - for manfully abstaining from giving tobie a yosi
i. Marlee, Kristine Capa, Johanna Despi and Hannah Du Alo
j. Dandan
k. Korean Guy who gave us two beers
l. my relatives- i'm surprised, but in a good way.
m. Majo- Thanks for the cucumber/kalamansi/lemon/mint juice

I learned a lot from this trip, and let go of old baggages that i should have dropped a long time ago. I also learned who my real friends were, and i value them. Yep. You guys know who you are, and I'm glad you guys liked Tobie. Watching Tobie interact with people who've known me since grade school was heartwarming. Some of my friends surprised me too, and i'm glad.

P. S. Tobie, I love you!!!


tobie said...



And yes, Cebu was wonderful.

See pictures in my blog!

Jac said...

saw the pics na :D everything looks awesome, including you two ;) heehee!