Wednesday, September 20, 2006

To Endings and Beginnings

Last friday saw me and tobie bawling our eyes out over new events in our life, in a smoke-filled room 14 (the Basil Valdez room) full of friends of tobie's who had gathered together to fete him as he sailed out of ABS-CBN Global for the last time. It was Tobie's last day at work, and we were moved by the ourpouring of love for him. I wasn't in the least bit surprised, though. Tobie's a person, to quote from a friendster testimonial, who "shines from within." And I'm proud to not be the only person who loves him. (did that make any sense?)
Friday was also my first foray into being an employee. Yes. A 9-5 job withABC Sports, as a production assistant/ program coordinator. It's a blast, so far, and i love my office, my partner June and my job. But i finally got a T.I.N. yesterday, after much resistance. And now I feel like an adult. Sigh. I resent the fact that 10% of the moolah i work so hard for gets taken away before i can even smell it. I hear I've also got to get an SSS number and Philhealth. Still, it's an exciting place to be.
I do find it hilarious that Tobie and I have switched places. I'm glad he gets to rest now, and I'm just realizing how difficult it was for him to juggle his job, his family, his gaming, his movie making, his writing, his directing, his artwork, his comic books, and his panda bear. And now he's adjusting to my schedule, which is the complete opposite of what we used to do. Haha.

And, by the way. Seven months na kami. There are no words to express how happy we are. There are just tears, happy happy tears, and all kinds of love.

Panda bites man, man bites him back


Jac said...

Hahaha! post more Panda News! And congrats on the new job ^_^

tobie said...

Its amazing how life has been so beautifully kind to us, love. How in so many ways life has been preparing us both for so many things and has been carefully cultivating us to be ready for so many other things.

A day at a time, love.
A day at a time.

And our journey keeps going and faces every opposition with full strength.

I love you, Patricia Raine Mallare Pimentel.

More than you will ever truly know.

isha said...

jac- panda news is fun haha. Stranger nga than fiction.

Tobie- I love you.

Kevin! said...

T.I.N. is evil put into carded form... I was also threatened into getting one myself... :(