Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Year thoughts

So now that we're halfway into the first month of the brand new Bond year (2007) I have decided to make some new year's resolutions. Don't worry, I won't post them there. I believe that resolutions should be kept private, because like wishes, they won't come true if they are made public.

This year doesn't feel any different from last year, but then all new years feel alike. Once the haze of burnt gunpowder clears, a month is just a month, and a day, after all, is just a day.

But this year, to borrow my beastie's line, will be MY Year. It'll be a year of changes, big ones too, and it won't be easy. But it'll be my year.

My work is going pretty ok, for a basketball troglodite such as myself. (In fact, i'll be interviewing James Yap this afternoon. Hah.) Emily's still making an ass of himself/herself, but that's life and i've learned to enjoy the challenge he/she/it presents. Still, sometimes the creature catches me unawares and i get blindsided. My office mantra is now: Karma is better than revenge. The hell with emily. I'm enjoying this year.

Things I want to do in the next 3 months:

1. Take the train (yes, the SLOW train) to somewhere. Just to see what it's like. Maybe to laguna or legaspi, who knows?
2. Go back to bora. But i need moolah so if you guys know anyone who needs a photographer, contact me! Haha. Which leads me to:
3. Compile my portfolio. Yup.
4. Go somewhere with tobie and spoil him rotten. Probably by letting him sleep for more than 10 hours. My poor baby's overworked and almost burned out. Wafyu!
5. Get rid of my junk. We'll be having a garage sale, peeps, so keep ya posted!

Hugs. These aren't resolutions ha. Wish list lang.

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