Thursday, February 08, 2007


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I just got through a 2 week X File Marathon, zooming through Seasons 1 to 9. And having just wrapped up the final episode, i have to say, I feel so CHEATED! I watched in awe and rapture from discs 1 to 5 as the Mulder and Scully's chemistry began to sizzle. And waited. And waited. And waited. I mean, if i couldn't have mulder at least scully could. But didn't. Strange.
I squealed hysterically when Mulder grabbed the Scully in a past life at the wheel of the Queen Mary and told her, "Just in case I never see you again." before planting a hot wet kiss on her mouth and getting punched for his trouble. And i admit i did cry when he told her," I love you." and she just rolled her eyes, muttered, "Oh brother," and left his hospital room.
I almost had an X-file-gasm when they kissed during new year. But that was it. And i began to hate mulder for being either really dense or just messing with scully. Hay. So it took a baby to bring them together. And Mulder, in his typical asshole-y style, decided he really needed to save the world, sans partner and baby.
Conspiracies aside it had a pretty good momentum, but when "The Truth is out there" gave way to "Fight the Future" I kinda got lost. Mind you, I was watching all the episodes in chronological order. And although Doggett and Scully had better chemistry (there were even hints that doggett had feelings for scully!) John Doggett wasn't Fox Mulder. Neither was monica reyes Dana Scully.
But the last line in the last episode threw me. "Maybe there's hope." The hell there is. I can imagine a future spinoff where William Scully (the son they put up for adoption) becomes some sort of superhero who fights the super soldiers and aliens with a little help from the clone of samantha mulder and Gibson Praise. Grr.
I'm moving on to Grey's Anatomy. Poor Tobie has had enough of my Mulder-itis.


Diliman Blogged said...

Don't worry love.
I'm your X-File.

Without me, David and Dana wouldn't have a show.

tobie said...

Whooops, that was me love.