Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tooth Bye

I just had my sungki tooth extracted at 11AM this morning for the amazing sum of $595 dollars. Yep. And now I cannot have solids for the next 5 days.

I miss it already.

Went in and the anaesthesiologist was this Liam Neeson lookalike with kind eyes, stubble and a scottish accent. Mmmm. He asked me to lie down and then brandished the needle which gave me a semi-panic-attack. I'd squeal every time he touched me, and he continued to talk in that hypnotic Scottish burr. But Needles are My ENEMY!

So he told the other lady to pop the oxygen tubes in my nose (thank god I picked my nose in the elevator on the way up) and then asked her to hold my hand while he slapped the back of my hand to stimulate my veins. I closed my eyes for a bit so I didn't see the needle sliding into my arm (OH DEAR LORD) and next thing i know this old lady was frowning at me and pulling me into a sitting position. Gee. I never even saw my orthopedic surgeon, the one who conned me out of $595 dollars. Er. Con is such a strong word. Argh.

Where was Liam Neeson? I sat up and closed my mouth. And could close my mouth for the first time since I was 10 and the tooth had grown sideways. Except that I was chewing on gauze. Didn't hurt, not at all. The old lady was muttering to me as she led me to the recovery room full of poor unsuspecting extractees. Cute ones too haha but I was too spaced out to say hi. Or maybe they looked cute because of the anaesthesia! Probably. Was still loony, but fished out my trusty new 6300 to take pictures of me with a mouth full of gauze. will post someday.

Wanted my tooth, you know, as a souvenir, but they kept avoiding the topic. And then I coughed out a tooth fragment so I guess I know why. They assured me that I couldn't walk home, not even with Rob and Bas carrying me on their shoulders. They had to half-drag me to the elevator all the way down to the basement where this really nice Indian taxidriver was waiting. Waah. I miss having a car.

Wow. Am still sooo whacked out and floaty. And hungry. I was desperate enough to try melting a chicken nugget in miso soup in a blender. And it was good. I was that hungry. Just don't tell my dentist. Liquid diet. For the next 5 days. No dairy, no straws, NO CHOCOLATE, no cream soups. Just water and juice. Dear Lord.

All that typing has made me woozy and now to bed.


tobie said...

Could be worse love.

Imagine that,
tapos nag Mongolian tayo.


I love you!
My sweetie is so brave!
I'd chicken out at the sight of a needle.

Panda Bear Isha said...

Mongolian is fine. Wag lang bicol food or mexican food. Even potato chips. And I am so darn hungry. sigh. Miss you.