Sunday, August 12, 2007

Now Working

My office building as seen from the 7-11 across the street. I'm an advertising assistant/ directory manager/ gopher for a mag called SharedVISION. Yay! The biggest difficulty for me adjusting was the 8:30 - 5:00 PM office hours, but so far I haven't been MAJORLY late, but then it's only been a week. Haha. I love love love my new office. I really do. I get to talk to people and doggies and eat fresh organic fruits and drink all the tea or coffee that I want. My office is across the BC Stadium and a block away from the Vancouver Public Library and 3 blocks away from the Stadium/Chinatown Skytrain Station. Wheee.

The 3 doggies of our office, from L- Gracie, Mr. Piddles and Brutus

I also love our washroom. It's so pretty. It's got those industrial-style windows overlooking the street and the huuuge lightbulbs. I accidentally broke the toilet the other day (well, I think it was me) by flushing down something that in hindsight maybe i shouldn't have. But no, it wasn't my poop that clogged it. I don't poop in the office. Wahaha.

And here is someone I stalked on the skytrain on the way home yesterday. Though tobie is way way way better than him. And knowing my luck he's probably 16 and/or gay. Hahaha. Having a cam phone is fun. Don't know why i waited so long. Ah, kasi walang pambili pala. hahaha. Pero Tobie pa rin ako. Definitely. Love you baby!

And. Remember how the rallies in manila are? Well, i've found out that they do rally here in Vancouver too! But only on game days of the local football team, the BC Lions. They do take their sports seriously here. The buses actually drive around flashing "Go! Lions!" and about two weeks before the season starts they start putting up orange posters. They closed down my office street for about 6 blocks and it was just full of orange-shirted people. While I was walking to the Skytrain I noticed that there were maybe two of us pedestrians walking away from the Stadium direction and 50 people across the street headed our way, faces painted in black and orange with Lion stuffed toys and foam hands. Scary.

So it's my first work weekend and i intend to laze around for a day and then watch stardust tomorrow. Missing my baby terribly (he was sick this week too!) and I hope i see him soon. Cheers! Panda out.

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