Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Odds and Ends

And in other news. I'm in the church choir! Take that, Chico from 5 years ago who said I was the worst singer he had ever heard (and he was courting me at the time, hahaha) I'll be singing every sunday at the 7pm mass. woohoo. God help us.

We are currently enjoying the last flowers of summer. Saturday bitch-slapped us with fog, dark skies and really icy temperatures. The locals (which we aren't part of yet) heaved a collective sigh and broke out the autumn wear. We are still figuring out what thermal underwear is. (My mom, who hates kneesocks, is in denial.) The nights begin now at 7pm, as opposed to the 11pm sunsets we had to adjust to when we first got here. The air is chillier too. Last week a regular day would be 24-32 degrees celsius. Now it's 15 degrees with the sun out. BRRRR. When we got here 4 months ago it was on the tail end of a very long winterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. In these 4 months we saw springsummerfall. We're looking at winter again. I miss Manila. I need a Tobie to keep me warm. Mishyu baby!

AND The End of The Wheel Of Time

(Warning: WOT Fans, I really have nothing against you so please do not flame me. I respect your right to like WOT so please respect my right to express my opinions.)

Robert Jordan is dead at age 58. Without finishing the painfully long Wheel of Time saga. May he rest in peace.

Poor WOT Fans. I never did see the point, though I suffered through books 1-11 and then plodded through the prequel. Seriously. It was, in my opinion, torturously detailed, and I think whenever R.J. had to write a female character, he would head for the nearest adult bookstore and "research" there. There was simply not enough personality for me to tell the difference betweene Elayne and Aviendha.
There was the endless dice rolling in Mat's head. That would have worked in 2 books consecutively, but not eight. I mean, when the three women agreed to share Rand Al'Thor, I knew. This was a book that fed the fantasies of prepubescent boys.

We waited 11 books! ELEVEN. We staggered through eleven books of about nine hundred pages each, through inane conversations and repeating situations and weak characters, to get to the final battle that apparently isn't coming. BECAUSE INSTEAD OF FINISHING THE SERIES OFF, HE WROTE A PREQUEL. I find that hilarious, and I can imagine all over the world weepy fans are lighting candles to the great memory of Robert Jordan. Yes, he could write. And write and write. And write. And now he won't.

Yes. I don't get it. I probably totally missed the point of the series. But I read every last book to try to get to the point that probably isn't coming.

I respect that this guy wrote at least 12 novels. It really is DIFFICULT to publish one, much less a dozen, but when you think about it, it really is only ONE giant painstakingly written, much more painful to read story. Now that's an achievement. And to get millions to buy it, that's even more of an achievement.

Hey. I didn't like it.

Our new place!
An exhausted panda (surrounded by her pooped family) after a long hard day of moving.

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tobie said...

Wheel of Time - well, look at it this way, now the fans can make it right. At last.

Move - Great family pic! Ang saya!

Cold - Better cold than horribly wet as it has been here the last few days. Sudden downpours... and I mean DOWNPOURS.