Friday, September 07, 2007


This month's cellphone bill just hit $680. WTF. And no, i didn't call anyone. Only one or two text messages and a couple of picture mms. So apparently, my phone is possessed. It surfs the internet when i'm not looking. Apparently.

My plan with the Fido network specifically says that my first three months are free. I just got my phone at the end of june so it's only been two months. My contract locks me in with them for three years. Three frigging years. Even Globe and Smart lock us in for only 2 years, and with much better units. I am stuck with a crappy Nokia 6300 and nothing to do on it. They don't even sell accessories here. Incidentally, I bought this phone for $100. Well. Poop.

The bill for August came and my due balance was $125. I went to the Fido shop, stood in line for about 30 minutes (not much difference there, I think, from the Globe Hubs) and then when I got to the counter, the guy said they could take my money but they didn't know my balance. He then asked me to call their customer service, ON MY PHONE. So I waited another 30 minutes to finally connect to an agent only to be told to wait another 3 minutes. When I finally did get to talk to her she explained to me that my due balance was $680. I felt the blood actually drain from myface. It's a HUGE jump from $125 to $680. I asked her to explain and she said about $500 of that was on internet charges.

I paid off the first $200, since that was all I had with me, but for the life of me I could not recall ever using the internet. Seriously. They're crazy. Then I remembered how my phone would automatically go to the internet key when you press any function key. One or two times I'd pull my cell out of my bag only to find that it was browsing a website. Sometimes the autolock function would not work. But that's $500 worth of accidents. WTF. Someone who worked in a cell store here told me wryly that they do it on purpose, these telecoms. Accidents are one of their biggest cash cows.

So it took me a month to pay it off (and am not yet done with it, it seems) and I am just so disgusted. So if you guys EVER go to Canada, stay from FIDO and the ROGERS network.

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