Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tender Lumplings Everywhere, Wouldn't You Like To Have A Good Scare? - The Nightmare Before Christmas

Happy Halloween!

It's my first Halloween in Vancouver and it's COLD. It actually hit 2 degrees celsius the other night when my brother came home from his work at dawn. Brrr. And sunrise is now at 8am. Sunset is at 6. It's a whole new world out here. But the days leading up to October 31st have been interesting, to say the least. Saturday night saw me on the skytrain with 4 transformers (and one of them was a very slutty bumblebee), 3 pirates in different states of undress, a couple of fairies, a few demons here and there, and of course, Zombies. I got off the train and on a bus, where i sat next to Kurt Cobain and the Paperbag Princess and across the aisle from a couple of Pierrots and Harlequins. Cute. Wish I had thought to dress up haha. Wait till next year.

Last week (as tobie and some of my officemates know) saw me feeling a lump on my head that had suddenly gone tender and swollen to the size of a pea. It actually hurt when i moved my eyebrows and the whole right side of my head had gone sore. I went to the doctor, a nice chinese man named Dr. Yong who greeted me in chinese then switched to pretty good Tagalog. (He was married to the Filipina receptionist.) Thankfully, it's only an infected cyst and he put me on 30 pcs of antibiotics.
I got a pleasant surprise when i did not have to pay the doctor, because of my Care Card. Whee! Also, when I went to the pharmacy next door, they gave me a 25% discount because I was under 16 (!) haha. I love it. People keep asking me what high school i go to.

And now I am sneaking off from work to blog. Happy Halloween! (And i love you so much tobie!)


Luctor et Emergo said...

gosh, under 16! a ripoff! anyway, happy halloween!

tobie said...

Waaah, I LOVE YOU!!!

And the reply post sounds like a bot posting antagonistically in hopes of luring you to click the link. :-) Heheheh

Anonymous said...

hi ish,

i was wondering if you could help me... do you have any idea what living expenses in vancouver are like?

erwin :)

raine pimentel said...

hey erwin,

well they say vancouver is one of the priciest cities to live in. minimum wage here is $8.5 per hour, but yan na yung pinakapoor. BC (the province) is pretty good though job hunting might be a problem. I can see that i've been extraordinarily blessed in my job hunt, as some people i know end up in dead end jobs. But once you get onto your career path, it gets much better.

Anonymous said...

thanks much ish!

well, i don't know toughing it out over there seems far more appealing to me than in T.O. though. so let's see. :)

raine pimentel said...

oh yeah. and the weather is better here daw. And Vancouverians are West Coast. Hah.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, you guys are like totally west coast, man. like, totally.